CALDAN offers technical service & support in USA

CALDAN service, United States

Technical service & support

In December 2014 CALDAN Conveyor and OCC Systems, signed an agreement for service, maintenance and spare parts in the USA.

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This new service setup will provide you with faster response times as well as a wide range of other service advantages:

• OCC Systems, located in Michigan, has been supplying material handling solutions for the automotive and general industries since 1945

• OCC Systems has 35,000 sq. ft. engineering & manufacturing facilities, an extensive service network, as well as a well equipped CALDAN spare parts stock

• Our extensive, well-structured spare parts service guarantee you an optimum supply of components for all CALDAN conveyor systems

• Our in-time plant servicing and maintenance service ensures optimum operation of your plant and helps reduce down-times

• We can offer you customized service contracts. You will be reminded in due time of the next routine service, carried out by our qualified engineers

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