CCALDAN Conveyor offers worldwide service & support for our control systems

Control systems service

worldwide service & support on site


CALDAN Conveyors are installed worldwide - on all continents and in all time zones. Therefore, we need to be able to support our customers across the world at any time.

In order to improve our capabilities in this area we have established a dedicated service department within CALDAN Control Systems.

Overcoming the physical distance and handling the required fast and efficient support is possible by remote connecting to our customers with a SeComea connection. The SeComea solution features:

• remote access
• remote PLC programming
• remote HMI / SCADA monitoring

This is the most secure way to get access to our customer’s plant within a very short time. As downtime means lost production time, and money, this is crucial for our customers.

...or on line via remote secomea connection

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