project information: 

Customer / end user:
Deutz AG
Country / area of installation:
Products to be transported:
Engines for agricultural machinery
Dimensions of products (l x w x h):
1000 x 1700 x 1500 mm 
Weight of products, max:
1.300 kg 
Cycle time:
5,1 min 
Conveyor speed:
adjustable - max 10 m/min. 
Loading and unloading of products:
via turning station

Conveyor system - data:
P&F400 - Power & Free overhead conveyor
Chain type:
Cardan chain 
Wagon type:
4-wheelded including load bar
System lenght, total:
210 m.

Auto parts, interior images: 
Deutz AG, P&F400 - Power & Free Hängeförderer
Deutz AG, P&F400 - Power & Free Hängeförderer