project information: 

Paintbox Ltd.
Installation site:
Banbury, UK
Product to be transported:
Plastic Automotive Components 
Dimensions of products (L x W x H) max:
2,000 x 700 x 900 mm 
Weight of products, max:
50 kg 
Cycle time (process and transport time) total:
200 / 250 sec.
Conveyor speed, transportation:
6.0 m/min 
18 jigs / hour 
Loading and unloading of products:

Conveyor system - data: 
P&F100 -
Power & Free floor conveyor
Chain type:
Cardan chain 
Chain pitch:
180 mm 
Pusher dog pitch:
1,080 mm 
Wagon type:
8 - wheeled with guide bearings

System length, total:
113 m.

Auto parts, interior images: 
PaintBox - P&F100, Power & Free floor conveyor
PaintBox - P&F100, Power & Free floor conveyor