Caldan SDH - Single Line floor conveyor

SDH - Single Line floor conveyor

Caldan SDH

The SDH floor conveyor system is a fixed pitch floor conveyor system designed for either continuous or stop/go operation.

Developed by Caldan for applications where smaller unit loads such as mobile telephones need to be processed effectively and in high volume.

As with all our floor conveyor systems the SDH is developed for high accuracy of presentation and stability.

Typically fitted with our high speed rotation system for auto- mated coating processes.

Maximum load per carrier – 30 kg.


The Floor conveyor type SDH consists of a Caldan standard straight profile.

In the profile a cardan chain is driven by a drive unit with fixed or variable speed.

The waggon body consists of 4 mm laser cut and folded plates assembled with a minimum of welding operations.

The load capacity of the waggon is max. 30 kg.

Turning devices non-fixable or fixable in 90° or 180° positions are mounted on the top of the waggons on customer request.


  Datasheet (pdf) - SDH

SDH in operation

SDH in operation

Caldan SDH - Single Line floor conveyor


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