Caldan P&F200 - Power & Free overhead conveyor

Power & Free overhead conveyor

Caldan P&F200

The ideal, reliable system for plants with “stop-and-go” or continuous working processes.

A highly reliable and noiseless engagement and disengagement of the trolley from the power chain. The perfect solution to handling problems, where a combination of manual- and power & free conveyors is needed.

The simple trolley construction keeps maintenance costs low and guarantees an increased functional reliability.

The P&F200 systems modular design allows various combinations with other known “Power & Free” features such as:

• vertical lift- and drop sections
• switching- and turning gates
• oscillating functions
• trolley transfer from the main chain to non powered buffer zones

The Power & Free conveyor type P&F200 consists of two Caldan straight profiles. In the upper “Power” profile a cardan chain is driven by one or more drive units.

In the underlying “Free” profile the wagons are driven by power chain carriers with inwards pivotal links. This system allows a manual or automatic release from the cardan chain in, for example, the process areas.

The system is typically used in installations where there is no need for accumulation like, for example, installations with “stop-and-go” working processes.

By using separate transfer chains the P&F200 is able to operate in installations with both “stop-and-go” and continuous working processes.


  Datasheet (pdf) - P&F200

P&F200 in operation

P&F200 in operation

Caldan P&F200 - Power & Free overhead conveyor

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