Caldan Single Line overhead conveyor

Overhead Conveyor - Single Line

Caldan Single Line - type S180 & S270

The flexible and reliable system for demanding materials handling in tough working environments. The single line conveyor, type S180 and S270:

• can be used as a storage facility between different steps in the production flow
• is the perfect system for transportation of items through working processes in the plant
• only requires a minimum of maintenance and user training

The consequent use of tested high quality components increases functional dependability and lifetime of the system. The use of easy combinable, modular standard components offer various customized solutions.

More than 30 years experience in solving handling problems, and our expert assessment of user’s needs, will ensure that the design chosen contributes fully to a cost effective overall system.

The single line conveyor type S180 and S270 consists of a standard Caldan profile, combined with horizontal and vertical curves.A cardan chain with fixed carriers is driven in the standard profile - the chain is powered by one or several drive units, with fixed or variable speed.

The items are conveyed suspended either directly from the carriers, or in specially constructed suspension devices/ work jigs (customized designs). To avoid contamination of the work pieces (e.g. drops of oil or dirt) the single conveyor can be delivered with the track opening upwards. C-hooks are then attached to the cardan chain to carry the work pieces.

Typical suspension versions are e.g.:

• one point turning device, with or without fixation
• load bar attached to 2 or 4 chain carriers


  Datasheet (pdf) - Single Line

Single Line Conveyor in operation

Single Line Conveyor in operation

Caldan Single Line overhead conveyor

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