PLC Hardware & Software

The preferred PLC hardware and software in CALDAN control systems is SIEMENS, and our solutions are based on their components:

  • we are using S7-300 series, also the new S7-1200, and 1500 series
    in our projects.

  • The PLC programs is written in Step 7 or in the new Tia Portal v13.

  • As communication media we are using Profibus, Profinet and the ASI bus for distributed I/O.

This solution is reliable, cost saving and efficient, because a typical conveyor installation means long distances of wiring. Furthermore it gives smaller main cabinets when most of the I/O’s are handled as distributed I/O’s placed directly on the ASI bus.

  • Safety. We use the integrated safety in Siemens PLC’s and components. This solution meet the requirement for a safe and functional conveyor controls system. Furthermore there is no need for a second safety PLC, which is expensive and also require space in the main cabinet. The safety level is SIL 2. CAT 3.

If required CALDAN can also deliver controls system based on other brands than SIEMENS.

Our preferred & recommended components:

    –  S7-300, S7-1200, S7-1500
    – integrated Safety solution
  • SIEMENS frequency converter
    – Sinematics G120 series
  • SEW frequency converters and drives

Multifunctional PLC platform

Profi-bus and Profi-net

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