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PLC Platforms

Siemens is the preferred choice of PLC for CALDAN in Europe. Over the course of 60 years, we have been able to standardize our controls in conjunction with our mechanical department to create a library of products that have been tried and tested across multiple sites. This standardization ensures that commissioning is quick and straightforward.

In recent years, lead times for electronic parts have increased significantly, resulting in longer waiting times and uncertain delivery times from suppliers. The CALDAN head office holds a large stock of Siemens safety stock, resulting in shorter lead times and more reliable scheduling for CALDAN and our customers.

• Siemens 1200/1500 PLC programmed in Siemens TIA Portal
• PLC with integrated safety functionality
• Mainly programmed in LAD and SCL

CALDAN has expanded its Allen Bradley offering in response to market developments and customer demand for more choices. This has resulted in an increase in our product range and standard offerings. Developments in Allen Bradley have enabled us to reduce commissioning time and reduce commissioning problems.

In recent years, the supply of Allen Bradley components has been unreliable. CALDAN’s head office maintains a large stock of Allen Bradley safety stock, which helps to reduce the burden on customers who choose Allen Bradley.

Allen Bradley:
• Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC
• PLC with integrated safety functionality (Guard Logix)
• Mainly programmed in ladder and structured text
• Safety Power Flex Drives
• PanelView Plus HMIs

CALDAN control cabinet with SIEMENS PLC platform

CALDAN control cabinet with ALLEN BRADLEY PLC platform

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