CSS380-400-420 –
overhead conveyor technology

Our CALDAN shuttle systems leverage the reliable components of CALDAN conveyor technology to provide seamless cross- and lengthwise transportation for a wide range of items. These systems find their primary application in partially automated surface treatment areas and assembly operations.

One of the key strengths of our shuttle systems is their exceptional space-saving capabilities, making them ideal for handling heavy or bulky goods, while also being adept at managing lighter items. Depending on your specific needs, these systems can be operated manually or in a partially automated mode.

In order to meet customer requirements, we have implemented three versions in our product range, similar to our well-known Power & Free overhead conveyor range. These solutions are tailored to handle transport tasks ranging from 100 to 10,000 kg:

1. CSS380 – Ideal for weights up to 500 kg
2. CSS400 – Designed for weights up to 2,000 kg
3. CSS420 – Capable of handling weights up to 10,000 kg

Additional Benefits:
– Flexibility for directional changes
– Cost-effective static buffering option
– Efficient use of space, especially for long and bulky goods

For specialized needs, we offer a range of supplementary equipment, including turning devices and lifting/lowering stations. Moreover, CALDAN can provide comprehensive handling solutions on a turn-key basis, encompassing steel construction, control systems, and more.

Choose CALDAN for efficient, reliable, and versatile shuttle systems tailored to your specific needs

CALDAN Shuttle Systems in operation

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