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Service, Support & Installation

CALDAN conveyors are installed worldwide – on all continents and in all time zones. Therefore, we need to be able to support our customers all over the world. To improve our capabilities in this area, we have established a dedicated service department within CALDAN Control Systems.

When you contact, you are establishing a direct line of communication with our service team. We guarantee to respond to your enquiry within two working days. However, if you require urgent assistance, we recommend that you call our main phone number +45 86947071 instead. We always aim to respond within 30 minutes in the event of a system failure, to avoid any loss of working time. Overcoming the physical distance and providing the required support quickly and efficiently is possible by remotely connecting to our customers.

We normally do this via a Secomea remote connection, which has the following features:
• Remote access
• Remote PLC programming
• Remote HMI / SCADA monitoring

This is the safest way to gain access to our customer’s plant in the shortest possible time. As downtime means lost production time and money, this is crucial for our customers. We can resolve over 97% of all problems remotely.

CALDAN has a team of electrical installation experts who specialize in conveyor technology and CALDAN electrical systems. As the CALDAN system is modular, we can take advantage of learning to create an efficient and organized electrical installation process.

CALDAN can cooperate with system houses and end users to utilize local labour for electrical assistance & support.

On-line support via remote Secomea connection

Electrical installation by CALDAN experts

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