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Our company has again in 2020 been awarded the AAA-Silver Diploma. CALDAN is one of 3446 companies in Denmark,  which have received the AAA Silver Diploma for the highest creditworthiness possible over the last 5 years, based on “Bisnode’s” system of creditworthiness. Bisnode is a worldwide leading provider of credit- & business information. Within the field of manufacturing materials handling equipment CALDAN is one of 11 companies with the same rating.

Since the founding of our company we have had the good luck of undergoing remarkable growth rates. Our efforts in our field have been awarded. In 2007 and, again in 2014, CALDAN was awarded with the prestigious “Gazelle Prize”. The prize is awarded to fast growing Danish companies, which over a 4-year period display extraordinary results financially and impressive growth rates.

CALDAN AAA Silver Award 2020

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