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SD – floor conveyor technology

Looking for a versatile floor conveyor system with exceptional accuracy in presenting jigs and workpieces? We present the CALDAN SD floor conveyor with double-sided guiding system.

Advantages of the SD System:

• Clean and Contamination-Free: Workpieces are placed on top of the conveyor
  system, ensuring no contamination during transportation.
• Space-Saving: Unlike traditional conveyor systems such as belt and roller
  conveyors, the SD system offers a space-saving solution.
• Low Maintenance: You’ll require minimal maintenance and user training to
  keep the system running smoothly.
• Easy Access: Accessing vital parts of the conveyor system is hassle-free.

As with all CALDAN conveyors, our commitment to using high-quality components ensures the functional reliability of the system.

The SD floor conveyor consists of two standard straight profiles. In the upper profile, a cardan chain is driven by one or more drive units, offering fixed or variable speed options. The lower profile provides stable support for the wagon. The wagon body is constructed from 4 mm laser-cut and folded plates, assembled with minimal welding. The load capacity of the wagon can go up to 30 kg.

Precision in wagon positioning is guaranteed by the four guiding wheels, two on each side of the wagon. Additionally, a nylon rail mounted on the top of the power profile aids in centering the wagon, particularly in painting areas.

Customize your setup with optional turning devices, available in non-fixable, 90°, or 180° positions, mounted on top of the wagons.

When it comes to efficient and accurate material handling, the CALDAN SD floor conveyor is the solution of choice.

SD – floor conveyor in operation
surface treatment of automotive plastic parts

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