Manual overhead conveyor from caldan conveyor systems - perfect for mateirals handling

C68 – Manual
overhead conveyor technology

The simple and reliable solution to your various materials handling challenges. The manual overhead conveyor gives you access to more floor space for other purposes. With our flexible, modular standard programme we offer customized solutions such as powered sections in the manual conveyor circuit, vertical drop and lift sections, switching- and turning gates.

The manual overhead conveyor:

  • Improves ergonomics at loading points where heavy goods or
    work-pieces are handled.
  • Can be used as buffer zone or storage facility between
    different steps in the production flow.
  • Only demands a minimum of maintenance and operator training
  • Can be combined with all other CALDAN conveyor components,
    offering you various tailor-made handling solutions.

This cost-effective solution, combined with CALDAN´s expert assessment of users needs, ensures the shortest amortization of your investment.

The manual overhead conveyor type C68 consists of a standard CALDAN profile, in which the trolleys are driven manually in the conveyor circuit. The items are conveyed suspended either directly from the trolleys or in specially constructed suspension devices (design according to customer request).

On customer request a standard load bar can be utilized to connect 2 or more trolleys, increasing the carrying capacity.

The use of standard components in our product range allows for any future conveyor modification and combination with other CALDAN conveyor components to be carried out easily. This way the C68 manual overhead conveyor can be combined with for example switching gates, manual or powered turning units, powered transfer units (e.g. through ovens, paint- and powder spray booths / cabins, dip-coat vessels) and vertical drop- and lift sections.

Across the world our conveyor systems are running in steadfast operation every day, often under very harsh circumstances.  Please check out our references pages for more info on the vast array of clients we have helped during the years.

3D video of the manual overhead conveyor system C68 from Caldan
The C68 manual overhead conveyor is here in action in a surface treatment production line

C68 – Manual overhead conveyor in operation
surface treatment of steel doors

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