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P&F140 – Power & Free
floor conveyor technology

The P&F140 represents the cutting-edge evolution in heavy-duty power & free floor conveyors. Our innovative design is engineered to meet the growing demands of customers seeking reliable solutions for handling larger, heavier, and unbalanced jigs.

This system offers exceptional precision, thanks to its four horizontal guide bearings and fully adjustable “Free” track. In addition, it requires a minimal level of control system complexity when compared to traditional skid systems or roller conveyors, thanks to the limited use of drive units and sensors.

Explore the Advantages of Our P&F140 System:

1. High Reliability: We rely on well-proven standard components,
  ensuring the highest level of system dependability.
2. Low Maintenance: Our system features fewer moving parts that require
  attention, resulting in reduced maintenance needs.
3. Flexibility in Design: Enjoy complete flexibility during the design phase.
  Our system offers the advantages of a traditional power & free system,
  including switching gates, line-to-line switches, accumulation zones,
  powered hoists, and more.
4. Compact Profile Design: Our design minimizes restrictions in airflow
  within spray booths, flash-off areas, and ovens. This simplifies the overall
  plant layout, making the best use of available space.
5. Efficient Dust Handling: The compact design reduces overspray dust
  settling on the conveyor. Dust isn’t carried through the entire system,
  significantly lowering the cleaning requirements.

Experience the future of heavy-duty floor conveyor systems with the P&F140, designed to meet your evolving needs with reliability, efficiency, and low maintenance requirements.

Contact us to learn more about how this advanced system can enhance your operations.

P&F140 – Power & Free floor conveyors in operation

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