HD100 – floor conveyor technology

With its stable, double-sided support of the wagon, the HD100 floor conveyor system provides a very solid base for even very large and unbalanced jigs / product carriers. Furthermore, the four to six horizontal guide wheels allow for increased guidance accuracy. This means:

  • higher production quality
  • Increased throughput

Further system advantages:

  • No contamination of the parts to be handled, as the work pieces are
    placed on top of the conveyor system
  • A very space-saving solution compared to more traditional conveyor
    systems like belt- and roller conveyors
  • Only a minimum of maintenance and user training
    is required
  • Easy access to the vital parts of the conveyor system
  • The compact design allows a low overall height and takes
    up less space in the process areas
  • On customer request, this floor conveyor system can be
    modified to a 150 kg load capacity.

The Floor conveyor type HD100 consists of three standard profiles. The two upper profiles support the wagon, which is equipped with 4 vertical track wheels and 4 horizontal guiding wheels. In the underlying profile the cardan chain is driven by one or more drive units with fixed or variable speed.

The wagon body consists of 6 mm laser cut and folded plates assembled with a minimum of welding operations. The high accuracy in the positioning of the wagon is guaranteed by the four guiding wheels – two placed on  each side of the wagon.

Turning devices non-fixable or fixable in 90° or 180° positions are mounted on the top of the wagons to customer request.

HD100 – floor conveyor systems in operation

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