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HD100 – floor conveyor technology

The HD100 floor conveyor system boasts a stable, double-sided support structure that provides a robust foundation for handling even the largest and most unbalanced jigs or product carriers. With four to six horizontal guide wheels, it ensures precise guidance, resulting in:

1. Enhanced Production Quality
2. Increased Throughput

What sets this system apart:

• Part Contamination Prevention: Workpieces are safely placed on top of the
  conveyor, minimizing the risk of part contamination.
• Space Efficiency: This solution is exceptionally space-saving, making it a
  superior alternative to traditional conveyor systems such as belt and
  roller conveyors.
• Low Maintenance and User-Friendly: Minimal maintenance and user training
  are required, reducing operational costs.
• Accessible Design: Vital components of the conveyor system are easily
  accessible, ensuring convenient maintenance.
• Compact and Space-Saving: The system’s compact design maintains a low
  overall height and occupies minimal space in the processing areas.
• Custom Load Capacity: Upon request, the floor conveyor system can be
  customized to handle up to 150 kg loads.

The HD100 floor conveyor is constructed from three standard profiles. The upper profiles provide essential support to the wagon, equipped with four vertical track wheels and four horizontal guiding wheels. The cardan chain, located in the lower profile, is powered by one or more drive units, allowing for fixed or variable speed operation.

The wagon’s body comprises 6 mm laser-cut and folded plates, minimizing the need for extensive welding. Precision in wagon positioning is ensured by four guiding wheels, two on each side. Turning devices, available in non-fixable or fixable positions at 90° or 180°, can be added based on customer requirements

HD100 – floor conveyor systems in operation

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