P&F120 – Power & Free
floor conveyor technology

Our P&F120 system utilizes the same profile and advanced drive system technology as our renowned 100-system conveyors. Designed specifically for applications in storage areas, ovens, and other space-constrained environments, the P&F120 offers the efficiency of Power & Free technology where it’s needed, while ensuring fixed pitch operation in general process areas. Key Features:

1. Efficient Accumulation: The P&F120 enables seamless in-line accumulation.
2. Cost-Efficient: No expensive control systems are required for accumulation
  sections, thanks to its self-accumulating design.
3. Flexibility: Easily switch load carriers from one lane to another.
4. Vertical Integration: Incorporate vertical lift/lower stations
  into your operations.
5. Variable Speeds: Operate at different process speeds on the same line,
  offering versatility.
6. Heavy-Duty: Each carrier can handle a maximum load of 200 kg.

The P&F120 consists of three profiles. In the lower “Power” profile, a cardan chain is driven by one or more drive units. In the upper “Free” profiles, custom-designed trolley and wagon sets are driven by power chain carriers, engaging the pivotal links underneath the trolley.

The trolley body is constructed from 5 mm laser-cut and folded plates and features four sealed load-carrying wheels and four sealed horizontal wheels for precise side guiding. The power chain carrier pitch is customized to meet customer specifications. Each trolley and wagon set can be individually detached from the power chain and seamlessly accumulated in line. Accumulation is achieved by lowering the power chain at the beginning of the accumulation zone.

Conveyance with loads in rise and fall sections is made possible by a uniquely designed link between the chain carriers and the trolley. Enhance your material handling efficiency with the P&F120 Power & Free system. Contact us for more information on this advanced conveyor solution.

P&F120 – Power & Free floor conveyor in operation
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