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HD140 – floor conveyor technology

The HD140 represents a cutting-edge evolution in heavy-duty floor conveyors, meticulously designed to meet the increasing demands of our customers when it comes to handling larger, heavier, and even unbalanced jigs.

What sets the HD140 floor conveyor apart is its precise guiding system, achieved through four horizontal guide bearings and fully adjustable track sections. Compared to traditional skid systems or roller conveyors, the HD140 requires minimal control system intervention, thanks to its limited use of drive units and sensors.

Key advantages of this system:
• Reliability: We leverage well-proven standard components,
  ensuring high reliability.
• Low Maintenance: With fewer moving parts requiring attention,
  maintenance demands are significantly reduced.
• Design Flexibility: Enjoy complete flexibility during the design stage to meet
  your unique requirements.
• Space Efficiency: The compact profile design minimizes airflow restrictions
  in spray booths, flash-offs, and ovens.
• Simplified Plant Design: Overall plant design is streamlined for
  increased efficiency.
Minimal Overspray: The compact design minimizes overspray dust settling
  on the conveyor, reducing the need for frequent cleaning.

The HD140 comprises three CALDAN standard profiles. The upper profiles provide support for the wagon, equipped with four vertical track wheels and four horizontal guiding wheels. In the underlying profile, the cardan chain is powered by one or more drive units with adjustable speed settings.

The wagon body is constructed from 6 mm laser-cut and folded plates, minimizing welding operations. Turning devices, available in non-fixable or fixable 90° or 180° positions, can be mounted atop the wagons per customer specifications. Additionally, this system allows for conveyance with loads in rise and fall sections, thanks to a uniquely designed link between the chain carriers and the trolley.

HD140 – Floor conveyor system in operation
surface treatment of automotive plastic parts

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