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power and free overhead conveyor from Caldan is a conveyor system that can handle just about anything

P&F400 – Power & Free
overhead conveyor technology

Our flexible Power & Free conveyor system offers exceptional performance with a load capacity of up to 3,500 kg. You can rely on this system for straight-forward and efficient accumulation of wagons in various configurations, including in-line, 45° and 90° buffer zones.

One of the standout features of our system is the seamless transfer of trolleys from one conveyor circuit to another, reducing the need for additional transfer units and ultimately lowering system costs. The unique design of our trolley and accumulation stops guarantees an instant and highly reliable separation of wagons in the accumulating zones.

We take pride in our use of modular components, which provides you with total flexibility and freedom in configuring the conveyor circuit layout. These components are rigorously tested for quality, ensuring the system’s reliable operation even in the harshest working environments. Plus, our noiseless accumulation is achieved through non-friction disengagement of the trolleys from the overhead conveyor chain drive.

Key Specifications:
The P&F400 is composed of two CALDAN straight profiles. The upper “Power” profile features a cardan chain driven by one or more drive units, while the underlying “Free” profile relies on power chain carriers, operated through pivotal pawls attached to the trolley’s front and back. Both the chain carrier pitch and accumulation distance are customizable according to your specific requirements.

Our system allows you to separate and accumulate wagons as needed, whether in a straight line or at 45° or 90° angles within the accumulation zones. When a trolley is directed into a closed accumulation stop or reaches the “tail” of the previous trolley, the trolley’s accumulation lever is raised, and the pawl units are lowered, disengaging the trolley from the chain carriers. Additionally, our system can handle loads in rise and fall sections of up to 45°, depending on the load, thanks to a uniquely constructed link between the chain carriers and the trolley pawls.

Experience the flexibility of our Power & Free conveyor system. Contact us today to discuss how our solution can meet your specific needs.

P&F400 – Power & Free overhead conveyors in operation

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