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Communication &  Diagnostics

Higher Level Communication
When you’re installing an intelligent conveyor system, it’s important to keep in mind the ever-increasing need to collect big data and be ready for Workplace 4.0. At CALDAN, we have extensive experience in communicating with the ERP systems of different companies, which helps to make data and production processes smoother and more scalable. Our CALDAN ERP and MES package is a flexible solution designed to match the specific hardware and requirements of our customers.

How can it help the conveyor?
• Managing recipe data
• Logistical priorities
• Oven and curing times
• Paint colours
• Robot data handling
• Elimination of operator interface

Advanced Diagnostics
The importance of diagnostics in automation technology has increased, allowing faulty modules to be detected by user programs.

AS-i Bus Diagnostics:
This feature makes it easy to perform diagnostics on the AS-i bus. If the plant has several AS-i buses, you can view diagnostic information for each bus and each node. This feature makes troubleshooting and maintenance less time-consuming and complicated. Diagnostics can help identify problems such as ground faults, noise, and interference, as well as power faults and surges.

Industrial Ethernet (Profinet or Ethernet IP) Diagnostics:
You can use this tool to perform diagnostics on either Profinet or Ethernet IP, depending on the PLC platform you are using. All products have built-in diagnostic functions that can be used to detect and troubleshoot faults. The system components are designed to automatically report any faults during operation and provide detailed information about the problem. Plant-wide diagnostics can help minimize unplanned downtime and keep operations running smoothly.

CALDAN provides a ERP & MES package

CALDAN AS-i Bus & Ethernet diagnostics

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