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P&F100S – Power & Free
floor conveyor technology

The P&F100S is a significant advancement in conveyor technology. It’s the Power & Free renewal of our acclaimed HD100S “Stepper,” built on the solid foundation of the CALDAN triple rail system. With a core focus on precision and stability, this system revolutionizes floor conveyor technology.

Key Features:
1. Reliable trolley accumulation: Achieve dependable trolley accumulation and separation, facilitated by seamless trolley transfers through conventional switching gates. No need for costly transfer units.

2. Maintaining work piece uprightness: Our system smoothly conveys work pieces on vertical rise and fall sections without any tilting, ensuring that the work piece always remains upright. This not only reduces space requirements, but also minimizes energy consumption in processes like ovens, thanks to closer pitches around the system.

3. Economical jig design: Benefit from a more cost-effective jig design, with reduced gravitational forces acting on jigs and wagons. Minimize the risk of parts falling from jigs during vertical rise and fall sections.

4. Quality assurance: Like all CALDAN conveyors, the P&F100S has been meticulously designed and pre-built in our R&D department and rigorously tested before its market introduction.

The P&F100S floor conveyor comprises three CALDAN profiles. In the lower “Power” profile, the cardan chain is driven by one or more drive units. In the upper “Free” profiles, the purpose designed trolleys are driven by power chain carriers, via pivotal pawls attached to the front and back of the trolley.

The trolley body is constructed from 6 mm laser-cut and folded plates and is equipped with four sealed load-carrying wheels and four sealed horizontal wheels for precise side guiding. Both the power chain carrier pitch and accumulation distance are customizable to meet your specific requirements.

P&F100S – Power & Free floor conveyor in operation
surface treatment of automotive plastic parts

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