VLD – Monorail floor conveyor technology

The CALDAN VLD monorail floor conveyor is designed to handle smaller unit loads, making it ideal for high-volume processing of items like mobile telephones. It is equipped with a high-speed rotation system for automated coating processes, ensuring exceptional stability and presentation accuracy even in challenging environments.

Key Features of the VLD:

• Cost-Effective: The use of standard chain components minimizes costs,
and the system requires minimal maintenance and staff training.

• Space-Saving: The VLD can be customized with tight horizontal curve radii,
saving valuable floor space.

The VLD floor conveyor system is a fixed pitch solution suitable for continuous or stop/go operation. It guarantees precise positioning of the jig with a horizontal guide bearing directly on the chain carrier. Double-sided guide rails ensure jig stability in loading, painting, or robot handling areas. The VLD combines a standard CALDAN profile with horizontal and vertical curves.

A cardan chain with fixed carriers is driven in the standard profile – the chain is powered by one or several drive units, with fixed or variable speed. The customer product is conveyed either directly on the carriers, or in specially constructed devices/work jigs (customized designs).

Notable Capacity:
Each carrier can handle a maximum load of up to 5 kg.

VLD – floor conveyor in operation
surface treatment of home appliance plastic parts

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