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Danfoss France - power and free overhead conveyor - caldan pf400

Project information

Surface treatment line with CALDAN overhead conveyor
End user:
Danfoss Compressors, France
Installation site location:
Trevoux, France
Type of parts to be handled:
Parts for compressors
Dimensions of parts at Danfoss:
max. 400 x 400 x 1000 mm
Weight of parts:
max. 300 kg per wagon
Cycle time:
1,66 min
Conveyor speed:
8 m/min (60hz)
Loading and unloading of the parts:
Rotation type:
turning with no fixation

P&F400 – Power & Free overhead conveyor
Chain type:
cardan chain

355 m. 

The power & free overhead conveyor system is now
operational and it is a delight to see the whole setup in full-blown operation, day in and day out. For surface treatment
the P&F400 from CALDAN is a superior solution that will take care of business for years to come. We are happy to have Danfoss France onboard as one of our many happy clients across the globe. 

Danfoss - overhead conveyor from Caldan

PROJECT: surface treatment of parts for industrial compressors 

Danfoss france - power and free overhead conveyor from Caldan

P&F400 – Power & Free overhead conveyor in operation @ DANFOSS France 

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