Project information

End user:
Teba GmbH & Co. KG
Installation site location:
Duisburg, Germany
Type of parts:
Sun protection systems
Dimensions of parts (l x w x h):
max. 50 x 50 x 2500 mm
Weight of parts:
max. 50 kg per wagon
Cycle time (transport + process)
3- 6 min. per wagon – depending on load
Conveyor speed:
3-8 m/min, Power & Free, variable
Loading of parts:
manually in pass-through
Unloading of parts:
manually in stop position
Surrounding temperature:
max. 40 °C

P&F380 – Power & Free overhead conveyor
Type of chain:
Cardan chain

Wagon design:
8-wheeled wagon
Length – load bar
1000 mm
Special equipment:
Drip trays

105 m.

PROJECT: Assembly line for sun protection systems 

P&F380 – Power & Free overhead conveyor in operation @ TEBA, Germany 

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